Peter D. Klein's C.V.

Peter Daniel Klein M.M., M.S.Ed., Assistant Professor


It is my desire to teach music, the thing that I love above all else, in a K-12 or college setting.  I have studied with some world famous musicians on the undergraduate and graduate level.  My studies with these fine musicians taught me to be an artist and, as a result, I command a respectable amount of musical ability, practically and theoretically.  During that time, I worked as a graduate intern music instructor.  However, music is not my only skill.  I have a master’s degree in elementary education and I have worked for years in public schools overseas.  I have worked as a university professor.  I have also worked as a volunteer who has written grants and arranged some large, complex, musical concert series.  I have published a few peer reviewed articles.  I have substantial professional computer networking and amateur web design capabilities, since this was my previous occupation during the 1990’s and I have never let my knowledge in this area lag.  I also have years of “hands-on” overseas ESL classroom experience.  I have enjoyed every single one of these pursuits.  Since I have these considerable talents combined with a diverse education and history, it's my goal to build on and share my many facets in an educational setting, so others can benefit from my knowledge and experience.


1993-1997, Bachelor of Arts (Music, Piano), The University of Akron
2004-2006, Master of Music (Piano Pedagogy), University of North Dakota
2009-2011, M.S.Ed. (Master of Science in the Science of Instruction, Elementary Education), Drexel University
2013-Present, Ed.D. (Interdisciplinary Educational Leadership), Creighton University (in progress)
Awards, Fellowships, Grants
Drexel University Honors Convocation
Graduated with a perfect 4.0 average, May, 2011
University of North Dakota
Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Full scholarship and stipend, 2004-2006
University of North Dakota
Teaching Internship, Keyboard Skills I and II Instructor, 2004-2006
National Endowment for the Arts
America Fast Track Grant, $20,000 in awarded and matched funds to host a statewide, inter-university classical concert series, 2005
North Dakota Council on the Arts
Arts Grant, $4000 in awarded and matched funds to supplement the required matched funds for the NEA grant. 2005
National Endowment for the Arts
America Fast Track Grant, $20,000 in awarded and matched funds to host a statewide, inter-university classical concert series, 2006
International Golden Key Honour Society
Inducted into The University of Akron Chapter, 1996
International Golden Key Honour Society
Inducted into The Drexel University Chapter, 2011
Scholarly Papers

Klein, P. D. (2014, January 13). Sergei Prokofiev's Children's Pieces, Op. 65: a comprehensive approach to  learning about a composer and his works: biography, style, form and analysis. SpringerPlus, 3(23).

Klein, P. (2014, January 26). Giovanni Francesco Bernadone: a "Proto-Protestant" Reformer. The American Journal of Biblical Theology, 15(04).

The Inspiration and Significance of Prokofiev’s Pedagogical Music 1935-1937, Featuring Three Children’s Songs, Opus 68.   Currently approved at Sage Publishing, pending a final edit.

Nineteenth Century Expressive Performance Practice.  Currently editing.

Positions Held

2-2012 to Present Professor of Liberal Studies – Tenure Track Professor
Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology
  • I went through a rigorous 6 month recruitment and qualification process.  I was chosen from over 80 qualified applicants for a rare opportunity to become a Korean Ministry of Education civil service employee.  Less than 1% of all foreign employees achieve this.
  • I teach 12 hours of freshman English courses totaling about 170 students per semester.
  • I teach 8 hours of Intermediate level English classes per semester.
  • I take part in a student mentoring program and I’m responsible for about 50 students’ academic progress and I advise them.
  • I maintain office hours each week to assist students with questions and assignments.
  • I conduct university funded research projects.

5-2008 to 2-2012, Public School Foreign Language Teacher
Palbong Elementary School

  • I taught at Palbong Elementary School in rural Seosan four days a week and the fifth day I traveled 4 hours by bus and boat to a two room school house on a small island. 
  • I renewed my contract three times with a 10% raise each year. 
  • I became popular there and taught as a guest at neighboring elementary schools at the request of the county administration.
  • Half of my lesson time was spent teaching the curriculum prescribed by the Korean Ministry of Education to 3rd-6th graders.  It was largely scripted and lesson plans were provided although they are partially written in Korean.  I learned enough Korean and Hangeul to overcome this difficulty though.
  • The remaining half of my contact hours were spent teaching the younger children who are in prime language acquisition stages.  I was allowed to develop my own plans and decide on materials.  I had a great amount of success with these students over the last 3 years teaching phonics, reading, simple writing and easy grammar.
5-2007 to 5-2008, Private Foreign Language Teacher
Private practice at home
  • I taught 36 students daily from 1pm to 7 pm.
  • I taught lessons in phonics, reading, essay writing, and conversation.
11-2006 to 5-2007, Public School Foreign Language Teacher
Anhueng Middle School
  • I was placed in a remote mountain village to teach English to Korean middle school students.
  • It was my job to teach a prescribed curriculum specified by the Korean Ministry of Education.
  • I loved the students, however, the living conditions were deplorable.  I had no heat, no hot water, no washing machine, transportation or telephone.  I was sequestered in a small village of 150 people with no language training and became ill with dysentery and several severe fevers due to the cold apartment.  I grew to love the children and some of the townspeople, but my health was at risk and I had to leave after months of unfulfilled requests to fix the problems with heat and hot water.  I finally supplied a letter of resignation one month in advance.
8-2004 to 8-2006, Graduate Teaching Assistant/Intern Instructor
The University of North Dakota.
  • I assisted in teaching Fine Arts 150 with 189-200 students per semester.
  • As an intern instructor, I taught the university courses Keyboard Skills I and II to music majors.
  • I graded and organized an enormous amount of essays, journals, quizzes and tests per semester.
  • I maintained office hours each week to assist students with questions and assignments.
  • I wrote grants and arranged a series of highly publicized and acclaimed statewide, inter-university classical music concerts, two years in a row.
  • I completed an independent study which resulted in a substantial scholarly paper entitled “19th Century Expressive Performance Practice” and two special topics which yielded two large papers analyzing Prokofiev’s little known children’s works for piano and voice.
  • The last pieces I played were:
    • Rachmaninov, Preludes Op. 23, No.’s, 4, 6, 7 and Op. 32 No. 5,
    • Mozart, Sonata K.284
    • Chopin, Etude Op. 10 No. 3
    • Bach, Toccata BMV 910
    • Scriabin, Etude Op. 2 No. 1 
    • Chopin, Nocturnes Op. 37, No. 1, Op. 48 No. 1 and No. 2
    • Bach, WTC Prelude and Fugue BWV 847 and 855
2003-2004, VISTA Volunteer
  • I lived on an Indian Reservation in North Dakota in poverty for one year.  After my term, I was unexpectedly given a free $35,000 master’s degree in music and stipend at UND.  It was a result of my work there both charitable and musical.  It also had to do with the several NEA and State Arts Grants totaling $47,000 including matches, donations and in-kind contributions I had written.  The funds were used to arrange a highly publicized series of benefit concerts at four universities across North Dakota, in order to spread free world class classical music statewide, entertain the Native American elders, all while raising donations for, and awareness about their care program, health problems, poverty, health and daily living needs.
  • I spent a year incorporating the Elder Nutrition and Support Services as a legal 501 C 3 non-profit and as a North Dakota state non-profit.  I spent a lot of time researching how to do it, filled out the forms, and raised the money to file the election through donations.
  • I aided in drafting, lobbying and passing an anti elder abuse law.
  • I researched grants to aid Elder Nutrition and Support Services.  I raised enough money to buy a handicapped equipped “meals on wheels” van and attempted to write grants for an in home care program.
  • I worked with The University of North Dakota National Resource Center on Native American Aging gathering statistical research to help target needed areas of health care, nutrition and funding.  We completed the necessary data collection to keep government grants.
  • I built several Windows 2003 Server computer networks and web pages.
  • I wrote a charter law to incorporate elders back into the tribal governmental process as tradition held.  I spent weeks designing a representation system, writing bylaws, explaining it to the elders so they could take it to the tribal council and people for a vote.  It drew a lot of press.  In the process I was blackballed by wealthy tribal members who exploit their own people living in abject poverty.  It threatened their positions and wallets.
  • I sat on a board of officials trying to bring wireless internet onto the reservation.
  • Increased public awareness and involvement using web, newspaper and television advertising.
  • Worked with the tribal government and planning office as necessary to accomplish these goals.

    Professional References will be provided upon request.


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